Parallel Session- Women Economic Forum 2015

May 7th-11th, 2015; Goa Marriott, Goa
  1. Creating Your Ideal LifeVision
  2. Busting The beauty Myth
  3. MOOCS: Revolutionizing Education Not since a thousand years, ever since the invention of the blackboard, has such a revolution occurred in education. How can it help in meeting the needs of the 21st century?
  4. Be Your Own Publicist! Personal & Professional Branding Through Social Media: Learn the latest social media techniques on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube to brand yourself as a winner.
  5. The Magic of Motivation - 3½ Super Secrets of becoming a World class Leader
  6. Experiential session on Yoga and Meditation. Yoga seems to bestow mental benefits, such as a calmer, more relaxed mind. Can practicing yoga make you a better person as also a better entrepreneur?
  7. An emergence of the complete and whole woman: in the 21st century and beyond. To empower the woman fully, an inner awakening is needed and more holistic paradigms required.
  8. Venture capital and private equity investing in India vs the world: a comparative look. This session will explore how the venture capital and private equity investing models are different in India vs globally.
  9. Pressures faced by women in the media and entertainment industry Women have made much progress in the broadcasting and performing arts.But challenges persist.
  10. The Essence of Image Management:Giving Yourself the Winning Edge in a Globally Challenging Scenario! It is a competitive world today and one needs to be ready and poised to explore he elements of fine tuning and polish to one's persona and image in order to make a wholesome impact and leverage her position on the ladder of growth, success and recognition as well as aspirations in the vitality of the contemporary world.
  11. Digital Media & Animation: The new communication paradigm
  12. Healing with Nada: Experiencing the Curative power of seed sounds and other inner Vibrational methodologies from Indian Knowledge Systems
  13. Embracing your purpose to develop your leadership How to convert your purpose into an effective vehicle of Leadership?
  14. Cultural Leaders: why we need to evolve leaders in this space? We need leadership development across the creative and cultural sectors for better understanding in an interconnected yet diverse world.
  15. Impact of Social Issue Documentary Film How do documentary movies on women's issues create a momentum of change vis-à-vis human rights and mindset change?
  16. Changing Hearts and Mindsets: What must be done to make this the century of gender equality and safety and respect for women in ALL echelons of society?
  17. Leading with Power, Possibility and Promise: Women in the 21st century This is a time for women to have the greatest impact and make the greatest difference in our world in the history of the human race
  18. What India can mean to Indians and to the rest of the world? It’s time for the world to reclaim the all-inclusive worldview and empowering philosophy of India that believes that ‘I and Universe are One,’ and that the ‘World is One Big Family’.
  19. Entrepreneurship at Grassroots: it’s all in the mind An entrepreneur needs a mind that has the ability to take huge risks and be prepared for failure as well. How do you train for it ?
  20. The New Women: Empowered, Enlightened and Inspired Successful leadership is about empowering others to be great through your presence and sustaining that greatness in your absence. Women have an innate understanding that to be successful you have to love what you do, do what you love and love the people you do it with.
  21. Social Media Blueprint for Small Businesses Have you ever wondered what social media sites like Twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn and Pinterest can bring to your company? Small businesses are starting to embrace it – but are they really reaping the benefits?
  22. What’s your Signature? So what’s your signature word? Do you think you’re even aware of it?
  23. The Art of Cross Cultural Communication: Living, Working & Flourishing in a Global Community: Globalization continues to expand and become the #1 competitive advantage for businesses in the 21st Century. Conducting business internationally is an absolute necessity
  24. Engaging men and boys in the discussion of women's empowerment and peace-building: Gender equality cannot be achieved without the involvement of men and boys. Hence it is required to support gender equality to yield benefits for whole society.
  25. Discovering Your Innate Creativity How can we unleash the creativity that lies within each and every one of us?
  26. A conversation with Amruta FadnavisMaharashtra’s first lady
  27. Mental Health: Mental health is often neglected. Need a relook.
  28. Power of Miracle: What do we call a “miracle”? How can we create miracles?
  29. Yogance ( Yoga with Rhythm) Workshop on Yogance and Talk about the meaning of hand mudras
  30. The Great Debate : Women do not have ALL that it takes to be on the top.

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