Plenary Session- Women Economic Forum 2015

May 7th-11th, 2015; Goa Marriott, Goa
  1. Religion- New approaches needed for interfaith understanding and accommodation. With widespread increase in strife and intolerance, we need new approaches to restore interfaith understanding across the world.
  2. Violence against women-what kind of cultural shifts are required for deterrence? What socio-cultural shifts can help curtail harassment, abuse, violence against women at home, work and public spaces?
  3. Enabling change by amplifying women’s voices in mass media: how to make it happen? Greater women’s voices in our daily discourse and media influences will certainly allow for gradual change in mindsets and the collective consciousness.
  4. The Business of Beauty, Fashion & Entertainment: defining trends from world over. The pursuit of beauty has become big business and big bucks are chasing it. What’s the inside story?
  5. India: The New Global Economic Growth Engine India with its new set of dynamic entrepreneurs and world class CEO’s is driving growth not just in India but globally. India is expected to now be a major force in driving global markets
  6. In conversation with Madhur Bhandarkar, Filmmaker
  7. Goa Women of the decade Award
  8. A world view roundup of relationships, trade and security
  9. Journey of Lt. Shri Dhirubhai Ambani
  10. The New Young Politicians changing the world view and how Nations can collaborate in a new world order.
  11. Women: the Harbingers of Change
  12. The way forward for India and the rest of the world. India: Poised for Global Leadership
  13. Judicial Reforms
  14. Maharashtra: the finance capital and leading in growth Maharashtra is India’s economic powerhouse, its most globally connected and urbanized State, and also the largest employment provider.
  15. Entrepreneurship +Innovation+ Technology – where & what is it leading to?
  16. Effective, Accountable and corruption free Governance- Police and Administrative Reforms Required” There is an urgent need to bring in greater transparency and accountability to curb corruption and instill confidence in society. What basic fundamental structural changes are required?
  17. Role of media as agent of change
  18. In Conversation with Vidya Balan: Exploring the Power of Womanhood in Film Industry

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